COVID-19 Health and Readiness Plan



On behalf of the Peninsula Pilots, member of the Coastal Plain League, the practices identified below represent practical best efforts to proactively invest and keep our community safe when attending functions, events and games at War Memorial Stadium, in preparation for the 2020 season. The outlined steps and initiatives are intended to preserve the safety of staff players, fans and guests.

The Pilots will continue to follow the guidelines of national, state and local agencies, as well as the directives of the CPL to develop these policies and to determine the appropriate time for hosting events of various scopes at War Memorial Stadium. The input of local, regional medical and health partners will also play a significant role in the continued development of the below policies and best practices.


Spectators and players will be required to be screened for symptoms and recent travel and temperature checks upon entering the stadium. Spectators and players will provide contact information for tracing if needed.

Stanchions and/or spacing markers will promote proper distancing between customers waiting in lines.

Spectators will be required to wear masks upon entry into the stadium.

Spectators will all enter one gate and exit through various gates throughout the stadium.


The Pilots will be strongly encouraging the use of cashless payments for concessions, ticketing, and merchandise. This will limit the contact between employees and fans.


In order to maintain social distancing the in the grandstands the Pilots will limit the number of General Admission tickets sold, decreasing the overall number of fans in the stadium. The Pilots will use a distance of 6 feet for each individual and 9 feet for families.

Rows and seats will remain vacant to maintain the proper distance between parties in the stands.

Group and hospitality areas will operate with reduced capacity to allow and promote proper social distancing.

We anticipate a maximum of 953 fans of our 3750 to ensure social distancing.

Walkways in the concourse and stands will remain clear and passable. No one will be allowed to stand in or block walkways.


Increased regularity and scope of ballpark cleanings to include in game pickup of trash by protected staff or third party.

Added touchless hand sanitization stations for public and employee use around the ballpark. Hand washing signs will be posted in the restrooms reinforce importance.

The Pilots are exploring opportunities to work with a professional third-party cleaning company to support in the cleaning efforts of War Memorial Stadium, between games and in game to sanitize and disinfect surfaces that may come in contact with the public. These areas include bit are not limited to seating, restrooms, concession area, locker room, umpire room, dugouts, and press box.


Temperature check for all part-time, full-time, contracted third party staff, and interns prior to entering the ballpark.

All fan-facing staff members shall be required to wear protective gloves and masks, as necessitated by current guidelines and best practice policies.

Staff will be instructed to make the following changes to fan-facing interactions, without limitation:

Prohibit handshaking and physical contact with guests or other employees.

Employees will be required to wear protective gloves and masks when handing items to fans.

Prior to the start of each shift, and continuing when appropriate, employees will be required to wash their hands and put on a new pair of gloves.

Ongoing training to educate staff on new, updated guidelines and procedures.

Players will be socially distanced as much as possible in the dugout and team locker rooms.


Increase cleanliness in dugouts

Additional restrictions to clubhouse access

No buffet style food. All post game meals will be served pre-packaged

Limitations of commonly spit items such as sunflower seeds, gum etc.

All players and coaches will have temperatures checked upon entering the ballpark.


Doors will be propped open to reduced shared contact. Handwashing will be promoted vigorously and provided in all bathrooms.


Only a necessary number of Pilots staff will be allowed in press box and designated seating for social distancing.

Contact or ?touch? areas to include microphones, computers, screens, keyboards, sound machines etc., will be cleaned and sanitized after every game.


Printed tickets will be limited and only utilized when necessary; print-at-home tickets and online tickets will be strongly encouraged. All tickets will include language alerting guests that they voluntarily assume all risks and danger including the danger of being exposed to or contacting any form of strain of Covid-19, or any other communicable disease.


The kids play area will not be open, but the wiffleball field will remain open with proper distancing being practiced.

Stanchions and spacing markers will promote proper distancing between customers in the main concession?s lines.

Restrooms will be sanitized frequently with disinfectant along all ?touch? surfaces and a solution will be applied to all ?touch? surfaces at the conclusion of each game.

Every other sink and urinal will be disabled to promote proper distancing.


Serving windows will be fixed at a 5? opening height to reduce the spread of nasal or oral germs.

All concession staff will be required and trained and will be required wash hands frequently.

All employees will be required to wear masks and gloves.

All surfaces will be frequently disinfected throughout the game and sanitized after each game.

All items will be pre-packaged including condiments and utensils.


?Stop the spread? and ?Covid-19? signage will be posted throughout the stadium.

Other awareness and instructional signage will be posted.

Frequent PA announcement reminders will be made.

Social media reminders will be posted throughout the season.