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Peninsula Pilots games have become a popular retreat from the grind, not only because of great baseball.  The promotional night is a major selling point in itself.  Many of our fans choose which games they attend based solely on the promotion.

Giveaway-Night-1.jpgGiveaway Nights
We’re working on a great schedule of giveaway items for the upcoming season.  These nights are truly a fan favorite.  Giveaway nights enable the sponsor to put their log on the giveaway that fans take home and enjoy long after the game has ended.  Co-sponsorship is available on some items.  Some examples of items given away in past seasons include: bobble heads, hats, bats, baseball cards, seat cushions, t-shirts and more.  Minimum of 250 items with your option of giving away up to 3,500 items, based on your involvement and the cost of the giveaway item.  The total number is up to you.  Contact a Pilots representative for a custom quote.

Cost: Varies based on item and quantity desired
As in the case with all packages, payment terms can be negotiated.

Theme Night 2.jpgTheme Nights
Theme nights are always fan favorites as we try to incorporate fun, music, entertainers, trivia, minor giveaways, and prizes such as new vehicles, furniture and souvenir packs.  Previous themes have included: Mayberry Deputy Night, Zooperstars, Tribute to Armed Forces Night, Beach Night, Rally the Entertainer Night, Law Enforcement Night, Noisemaker Night, Dollar Drink Night, and much more!  All of our theme nights are designed to fill the seats and create atmosphere that fans will talk about long after the final out is recorded.

Cost: $750 + associated cost/year
Term: One-year with renewal option

As in the case with all packages, payment terms can be negotiated.

Mascot sponsorship 2.jpgOn-Field Game/Contest Sponsor
Attach your name to between inning interactive fan games like the frozen t-shirt race, dizzy bat race, dance contest, ball tosses, or the popular wagon races.  Do you have a great idea for a game to encourage fans to participate in that will add to the fun at the ballpark?  Let us know.  We’ll make it happen and attach your company’s name to it through public address, program ads, and other printed marketing materials.

Cost: $500 + cost of props/year
Term: One-year with renewal option

As in the case with all packages, payment terms can be negotiated.

Game Related “If” Contests
Promote your company and/or its products by offering a PREMIMUM prize to a lucky fan on selected game nights.  Always wanted to give away a new car, a Caribbean vacation, a motorcycle, CASH, or other great prizes?  Run a ballpark contest in which fans register to win the selected prize based on a lucky number and a game related event.  An example might be a company offering a new car if any Pilots player throws a no-hitter at a selected game.  If the no-hitter occurs, promotional insurance pays out and the fan drives away in a new set of wheels.  Game related “if” contests can be run on a single publicized night or throughout the entire season of games.  A great way to create excitement around your company whether or not the game event occurs.  Residual benefit occurs despite of the outcome of the promotion through public address, game day program ads, pocket schedule ads (if committed by March 15), ballpark signage and word-of-mouth.

Cost: $750 + cost of insurance
Term: One-year with renewal option

As in the case with all packages, payment terms can be negotiated.

Additional Benefits of Ballpark Promotions

  • Tickets for six people in our corporate box.  Waitress service is provided.
  • Ceremonial First Pitch for one member of your company.
  • Display table at front entrance for you to pass out literature, coupons or display products.  You must provide staff to man your table.
  • Your company name is included on our 100,000 pocket schedules and 1,000 group brochures as the sponsor of that game (if contract is signed before March 15.)
  • Company name is featured in program inserts for upcoming promotions.
  • Company name is listed on promotional schedule.
  • Your company logo is displayed on all giveaway items for that night.
  • Public Address announcements throughout the game.
  • Your company name is included in all advance promotion of the event by the media co-sponsor, SECURED BY the Pilots.
  • Opportunity to have your company mascot be involved in or officiate our on-field contests.